Global Change is a space created to catalyze the emergence of a world of dignity for all.

From the South and with the South. We raise our voices. We cross borders. We create what we dream of. We recognize and share our power. And so, together, we create a new world.

Global Change offers original experiences that invite participants to think and act “beyond borders”: :

  • Personal, cultural and social borders prevent us from becoming change agents. BEYOND FRONTIERS, organizes learning experiences that promote creative, critical and collective leadership. We build global citizenship.
  • The territorial and political borders. FROM SOUTH TO SOUTH , connects Africa, Asia, Latin America and the rest of the world, prioritizing the transfer of knowledge and the empowerment of actors traditionally relegated to the periphery. We collaborate in the co-creation of a multipolar world.
  • The frontiers of communication and imagination. By organizing multicultural artistic experiences. EPHIMERAL ART , invites participants to appreciate new possibilities for a new world, opening the doors to imagination. We nurture dreams
  • The borders of the dominant narratives, centralized through a few “ messengers”, reinforce negative ideas.. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, encourages the construction of new narratives, giving visibility to messages, stories and practices that contain transformative positive power. We encourage the construction of a new narrative emerging from multiple centers. 

Global Change activities are organized around these 4 core initiatives: : 



We build global citizenship


We collaborate for the co-creation of a multipolar world


We nurture possible dreams


We create and showcase new narratives emerging from multiple centers

Most activities are intermittent, cyclical, demand and context driven in nature. Our participants will be invited to form a community of practice that, in solidarity, collaborates to build power from the South and with the South.

Global Change activities are co-created by and with a diverse group of curators, co-creators and strategic partners specially invited by Cecilia Milesi to design and implement unique experiences to think and build a world of dignity for all.

In short, we are committed to activating a “movement of movements” that challenges privilege and is committed, with a sense of urgency and joy, to the incubation of a new world of dignity for all.