The co-creators are professionals from all over the world who co-create with Cecilia Milesi the experiences and projects offered by Global Change. Together, we develop in a creative, sustainable and innovative way a multiplicity of activities to catalyze the emergence a new world of dignity for all. Co-creators come from all regions of the world and share diverse expertise and solid experience in various thematic areas.

They enhance Global Change’s collaborative impact.


Professionals from all around the world

Erika is a facilitator of learning, knowledge co-creation and research processes. She applies participatory, inclusive, and power-aware methods as a means to advance social justice and human rights. For the past ten years, she has worked alongside inspiring organisations and movements across Latin America and Africa that are supporting marginalised groups attain rights and hold authorities to account.

Inclusive and participatory methodologies
Global | México | UK

Erika Lopez Franco

Steadman is a youth governance specialist with a focus on youth led social accountability and governance in both stable and ‘unstable’ development contexts. Steadman believes that an empowered citizenry and responsive and accountable institutions, are critical to the restoration of the social contract and the transformation to a just and equitable society

Youth, Governance, Social Change 
Jamaica | UK | Global

Steadman Noble

Laura is an educator. She co-designs and co-facilitates intercultural and inclusive socio-environmental processes to regenerate Mother Earth, enhancing commonalities and unity between all beings. She dreams and weaves bridges for the “Buen Vivir” (Good Living) in an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling life.

Independence, co-creation and regeneration
Latin America | Argentina

Maria Laura Schiffrin

Susana defines herself as a peripheral writer – she writes her own story as she started migrating and travelling at the age of 15. She is certified as a therapeutic companion for the elderly by the Maimonides University. She is a certified reflexologist by the Center for Holistic Reflexology RE.MA.CA (Argentina). Ex-family CEO. At the age of 74, she decided to make her first international migration to Spain, from where she will co-create creative experiences for senior women.

Pheripheral writer
Argentina | Spain

Susana del Prado

Aladin aladin is Senior strategic counsel to government, corporations, not-for-profit; visiting/Emeritus academic; interdisciplinary artist. He promotes collaboration, innovation, strategic planning and ‘Cultural Construction’.

Strategist, academic and artist.
South Asia| MENA, Europe |UK

PROF. Aladin Aladin

Kate Stanworth is a photographer telling poignant stories of human resilience, identity and the search for belonging. She has built long-term relationships of trust and collaboration with individuals and communities as far and wide as Somaliland, Italy and Argentina, and is motivated by a desire to understand people’s struggles, dreams and aspirations.

UK | Global

Kate Stanworth

Cecilia Milesi es la fundadora de Global Change. Cecilia es una profesional y activista que promueve procesos de cambio para crear un mundo de más dignidad para todos los seres humanos. Desde el Sur. Con el Sur

Fundadora | Socióloga | Facilitadora del cambio


Cecilia Milesi

Ana Soini is a Design, Branding & Digital Marketing studio in Barcelona, ​​with more than 25 years of experience. The studio offers comprehensive solutions to medium-sized companies, combining analysis, strategies, creativity and action to generate the best results for a brand. We accompany you throughout the process. We believe in the power of ideas. We work with passion.

Branding & Marketing Digital
Spain | Latinamérica

Ana Soini