First Global Change Center South-South co-creation experience

First Global Change Center South-South co-creation experience


Global Change Center’s first South to South co-creation experience was inspiring. 

After months working on-line, Global Change Center’s founder, curators, co-creators, partners and friends from Somaliland, Uganda, Argentina, Bangladesh, Philippines/Canada and the UK met at UNA London. 

During the event, we shared stories of power, resilience, ideas for action and vision. 

In an intimate and unique space, we facilitated a cross-cultural, cross-disciplines and cross-regional dialogue essential for us to continue  sustaining South-South dialogues aiming at catalyzing the emergence of a world of dignity for all. 

Global Change Center will replicate similar South-South experiences around the world. 

The guests represent outstanding organizations including Progressive International, Kayd Somali Arts, London School of Economics (LSE), the Asia Global Institute, the Achioli community in London and more. They promote positive change through arts, political action, innovation, community participation and cutting-edge research. 

The special guests were:

  • Ayan Mohamoud, Somaliland leader, arts festivals founder and diplomat, Global Change Center curator; Somaliland/UK
  • Professor aladin aladin, social scientist, Global Change Center Curator; South Asia/UK
  • Caesar Poblicks  , traditional clan leadership in Acholi, Uganda, Conciliation Resources Project Manager East and Central Africa; Uganda
  • Kate Stanworth, social photographer, Global Change Center Co-creator: UK
  • Ana Caistor Arendar, Director of Campaigns, Progressive International; UK
  • Mark Allinson, London School of Economics (LSE), Director, Students Experiences; UK
  • Cecilia Sosa , Senior researcher, Center for the study of Post-conflict societies, University of Nottingham ; Argentina, 
  • Alejandro Reyes, Director Asia Global online journal, Asia Global Institute, Hong Kong; Philippines/Canadá

We invite you to read the following inspiring testimonies:

  • “We can learn from those who have similar experiences from each other” It’s about time to come together and connect South to South. When we talk about role models, I will say people who grow up not sharing your background, your struggle, cannot be your role model. A role model is someone that walked the same road with you. You can walk their walk” – said Ayan Mahamoud (Global Change Center co-curator)
  • “We are decolonizing without hatred or guilt. We are doing this by promoting our Acholi culture and our power with the world. As an Acholi traditional leader based in London, my responsibility is to promote our culture through dance. Most of the people who come from Uganda to London have experienced a lot of trouble and difficulties: music and dance are like therapy; they are very good for trauma healing and sharing of emotions”-, said Caesar Poblick (Global Change Center’s friend) 

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Follow our Wakelet and find more information about the guests and their outstanding work. Check here: Global Change Center’s founder, co-creators, curators, partners, team and friends – Wakelet

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