is power.

Knowledge is power.

When we discover new versions of reality, we can think of a new way of being and coexisting. When we learn, we can venture ourselves to working differently.

When we discover alternatives, when we dissolve stereotypes and conditionings, we can improve how we work together for positive change.

New knowledge leads us to act and innovate in a revolutionary and creative way. This insurrection is necessary to create alternatives.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER , makes visible messages and ideas with transforming power, emerging from multiple centers.

How we amplify knowledge

We popularize access to diverse knowledge, inspiring and supporting the co-creators of a new world




We disseminate and amplify positive and constructive news and new voices from the South by publishing articles and writers from the South.

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Action Learning

We co-create innovative methodologies that enhance collective action to create a world of dignity for all. All methodologies are guided by the principles of participation, inclusion and rights.

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