What would volunteering look like under a feminist social contract?

Global Change Center co-hosted a global dialogue on feminism, gender and volunteerism with the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program, with the support of Subir al Sur, a program of Fundación SES, Argentina. 

To reflect and debate on the question “What would volunteerism look like under a feminist social contract?”, Global Change Center convened a Global Dialogue and Focus Group with policy makers, women leaders of feminist organizations, youth movements and academics from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. We all came together to systematize ideas and principles for 21st century volunteerism based on power, inclusion and the transformation of structures of oppression. 

They were:


Both activities were facilitated by the founder of Global Change Center, Cecilia Milesi.

The meeting served to elaborate the Report on the Report published every 3 years by UNV, called “The State of World Volunteerism 2021 (SWVR). In it, the gender perspective and women’s empowerment will be analyzed as central themes. The report aims to generate much needed evidence to understand how feminist principles of equality, inclusion, power sharing, participation and collaboration are dismantling all ways of thinking and acting and generating new types of citizen participation.

Thanks to the work of Global Change Center, leading volunteer and social organizations around the world were able to exchange experiences, connecting to catalyze a world with greater dignity for all.

You can watch the full dialogue here:  https://tinyurl.com/kv8wjdnn

Do you want to explore the document with the most important results?

Click here to read the complete document: Summary of the global dialogue prepared by Cecilia Milesi, Global Change Center. 

You can also enter the UNV knowledge portal: https://knowledge.unv.org/webinar/what-does-volunteering-under-a-feminist-social-contract-look-like