“Changing Global Dynamics and South-South Cooperation”: Global Change Center organized a training to rethink the dynamics between the Global South and Asia.

How do we reach consensus on cooperation between the Global South and the new global currents that put the East at the center of the scene?

From April 26th to 30th, Cecilia Milesi coordinated together with Global Change Center and PUC-Rio an online course on possible approaches and strategies between both regions for the BRICS Policy Center, connecting Brazil with experts from Asia (Japan, China and Hong Kong). 

Speakers included: – Prof. Heiwai Tang (University of Hong Kong and John Hopkins University); Mr. Yoshikazu Kato, Researcher at Rakuten Securities – Economic Research Institute (Japan); Prof. Philani Mthembu, Executive Director of the Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD); Mr. Santiago Bustelo (Advisor to the Ministry of Production of Argentina); Pablo Lumerman Sirote, independent expert on conflict and dialogue (Argentina);.
 The following topics were addressed during the course:
  • General observations on the political, economic and cultural context and dynamics affecting Global South relations,  
  • Power in its shift to the East and the consequences for Africa, Latin America, Asia and South-South Cooperation,
  • The implications of China’s growing global power and dynamics in the Indo-Pacific and the world.  Impacts and prospects.  
By traversing current changes in the fields of politics, economics, foreign policy and human rights, we explored how South-South Cooperation is now a more central feature of China’s engagement with the world. Above all, the course was able to probe how this is also impacting the work of global organizations such as the United Nations and narratives on democracy and human rights. 
Based on the course, four videos were produced with the content of each meeting. In each one you will find axes, possible strategies and you will be able to listen to the experts’ perspectives. Find the link to each video below:

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